Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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 Size 34 Olga in cream nightgown - beautiful gown with a huge hem!

A white chiffon peignoir in size small

Size 8 gray suede ankle boots with chunky heel. 

Paganne maxiskirt size 10


Tie Tacs and Clip Findings,
Crucifix + Rosary Findings,
Vintage Hair Combs, barrettes and picks - seven pieces!,
Gorgeous unsigned five piece art deco jewelery set,
Coro Necklace and Earrings set, 
Another Coro Necklace and Bracelet set
Three vintage charm bracelets - noahs ark, niagra falls, and san francisco!

I start school again this week, so I am going to be busy as heck.  Hopefully not as busy as last semester, but that remains to be seen. 
I'm excited for Valentines Day this year, I have a ton of lingerie up and I am hoping it will find good homes!