Friday, February 4, 2011

winter wonderland...altruistic helping and suits

I really do not like wintertime in Pennsylvania.  Sure, the snow is great for the first couple hours.  Kids get excited because there is the promise of sledding/school cancellations/snow people building, you know....
Yea, my alley is a winter wonderland - gah.

The first snowstorm wasn't so bad.  I shoveled / scraped and so on and it was kind of like this 'novelty'

the ice storm a few days later - well...not so accepting.


The other morning I had my car stuck for 45 minutes. Seriously.

Regardless, it was while I was attempting to chip away the ice around my tires/salting/attempting to move my car when my neighbor came outside, pretended not to see me, (from 15 feet away) started her car, and went back inside.  Ten minutes later, she backed up her car and left.

Now I'm all about helping people if they need it.  Paul and I ALWAYS try to help people who are stuck, older folks who are shoveling, we at LEAST offer our assistance.  My neighbor could have asked me if I needed help, I would of gratefully refused because it wasn't a matter of needing help, just waiting for the ice melt do its job.

We are socialized to help others, cooperate, you know, everything you learn on Sesame Street!  Simple concept, if you are capable, you try to help other people!

Of course, winter can be very pretty
For example, driving home from school yesterday, this woman must have slid on the ice and her car was absolutely completely stuck in a snow bank.  I believe 3 different cars were stopped and attempting to help her.  None really could offer any constructive help, due to the lack of snow shovels, but I’m sure the attempt was appreciated. 

My neighbor was kind enough to help me break up the ice on my sidewalk out front of my house this past week, I will be sure to repay the favor next time it snows.  I shoveled my other neighbors front walk last snowstorm, its just a mutually beneficial relationship that involves helping out.

We are social creatures.  We are told from a very young age to cooperate and offer help to those in need, is a very good thing.

Ice on my rhododendron.

I am not saying, of course, that it is an instinct, or biological thing, coded into our DNA.  There are rewards for helping other people.  Whether it be social acceptance, admiration, or our own good feelings that improve our sense of self.

It just surprised me completely, that my neighbor actually pretended not to see me struggling.  I live right next door?  I mean, a complete stranger wouldn't surprise me after this past summer's experience.

I like to keep a positive outlook and think that people are mostly good, I mean, there is no such thing as an innately bad person.  Just oblivious people, and the mentally ill. 

Regardless, not everyone is a dickhead.

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