Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Reason I don't wear Cloche hats - and its a stupid one, Plus more

Yep.  The reason I don't wear cloche hats, no matter how awesome I look in them, or how cute they are, is Blossom.

I don't blame Mayim Bialik personally, I mean, the early 90's aren't her fault. 
She actually looked really cute in the hats and the outfits...she was inspiring as a fashion icon, to teenage girls anyway.

The dolls are horrible though.  They aren't as bad as the Nanny dolls that were produced-still they are horrendous. 

Apparently Mayim Bialik is a stellar mother and has some unique childrearing techniques on top of it all she is a neuroscientist.  Amazing woman, very inspiring.

Still, I can't let the image of the television show out of my head. 
I think it was the character Joey that was most annoying, maybe that is why I can't wear the hats?

She was much cooler than Clarissa mostly because she wasn't the stereotypical blue-eyed blonde and she had style.  It was comforting that a really cool girl could be a brunette with a big nose. I think I was 13 when the show was popular, so I was feeling quite awkward at the time.  I could relate to her.

Shop Updates:

Springolators are finally up.  I've decided to let them go, I can't wear them because they aren't my some lucky person will inherit them.  It makes me sad but I can't keep such a wonderful pair of shoes in a closet - they yearn to be free.

Size 9 1/2 - suede dark red SEXY-AS-HECK springolators are here

This Taupe Coach Bag is roomy and fab.  It can be found here.
There is also a Green Coach Bag here
Not to mention the other bags that I've recently added here.

Its almost spring, YAY!  I can't wait to get outside and mess around in my garden!  I have off all this week (Spring Break) and I plan on cleaning, Doing the forty zillion assignments for school, and uploading tons of menswear!