Saturday, April 16, 2011

Heirloom Sewing and Lingerie

Heirloom Sewing imitates fine French hand sewing of the period 1890-1920 using a sewing machine and manufactured trims.(Wikipedia)

Despite the manufactured trims, it is difficult to do to say the least.  It requires a lot of planning, measuring, obscure sewing machine manipulations and so on. 

Needless to say, I've attempted and failed miserably.  I just don't have the patience.  I LOVE the results however.

 This is an example from a heirloom quilt my grandmother was making and for some reason decided against finishing.  The ribbon and eyelet lace is referred to as 'beading lace'.  Its specifically made for ribbon to be woven into it and sewn from there.  Quite a nice effect - though the manufactured trim is quite pricey!  Many of the trims exceed $4 per yard!  Because I've inherited a majority of the trims in my shop, most of it is less than a dollar a yard.  Snatch it up!

 The beading lace adds interest to the gathered bits, making it look delicate and intricate.  The lace is appliqued and is simply sewn directly upon the fabric.  in lingerie behind the lace is usually left open adding a tantalizing glimpse of flesh.
Here embroidery, beading lace, appliqued lace are combined for a rather pretty effect.  the embroidery was done by machine, cutting down the time it would take by many hours.

While these are few, there are countless other combination used in heirloom sewing, tucking, shirring, embroidery, beading, and such. 

I've put many different varieties of heirloom sewing supplies up in my shop.

Beading Lace, Insertion Lace, Entredeux, Applique, and much more. 

Lingerie, even that which is manufactured, has these techniques applied to them frequently.

This robe features insertion lace, chiffon insertions, lace insertions for example. 
This slip has tons of insertion lace.

If I had more time, I would love to practice and learn these techniques.  Alas, between my new vintage lingerie store, my vintage apparel store, a part time job at a nursery, AND being a full time college student,  I can't find the time. 

Fine Vintage Lingerie is now officially open!
This shop specializes in silk, rayon lingerie from the 1910's until the 1950's.  Its exclusive to those decades!  I have quite a few gorgeous pieces up, check it out!

Happy Spring!