Monday, August 20, 2012

Our wedding

Wedding decorations are often overpriced when marketed as such.
For example if you look up "Wedding Centerpieces" and the attached price tags, you will pay at least double what you would if you just looked up "milk glass vase" or "Mason Jar"

I loved the idea of incorporating tons of antiques and vintage items in my wedding centerpieces and I am extremely fortunate that my sister and I have been collectors of antiques and collectible vintage for years.   I feel for the brides that have to go out and start their collections from scratch.

Here are some great wedding centerpiece ideas and my personal favorites are below.
 One other thing I have an excess of is doilies.  Dear god,  you would be able to cover every dresser, end table and surface of my neighborhood with my doily stash.  Its seriously ridiculous.  

 I mean, it is OUR wedding so we need to mesh our personal hobbies into the decor somehow I'm guessing. 

 I planned on incorporating books in my centerpieces due to my voracious appetite for reading, and perhaps throwing some fishing-related items for Paul's hobby. 
What caught my eye in this duo was the mason jars.  See the rest of the wedding here
Thanks to the intarWeb I have tons of inspirational photos to guide me along.

Things I have decided I am NOT DOING:
1.  giving out really tacky and useless favors.  I'm thinking either a candy bar or something useful like a tape measure keychain.  I've had one on my keyring for several years now and it is most useful!
2.  Save the dates.
Postage + Stationary + what if I change my mind and the guest list changes?
3. Florist Costs are going to be minimized
Instead, I am making my own corsages and boutonnieres
I'm making my own centerpieces (see above) and picking flowers from my garden.  My sister owns a greenhouse so that is completely feasible for my wedding.     I'm kind of out of luck as far as a bridal bouquet goes.  Everyone hated the brooch bouquet idea so I am seriously outvoted. 
 4.  Engagement Pictures
Seriously, these are totally unnecessary.  If a couple doesn't have photos of themselves doing fun stuff together they need to be engaged longer and do more fun crap together.  Paul and I have HUNDREDS from over the last couple years! Staged photos never look as good as the real thing anyway.

The hardest part is finding a reception location that we really love.  you can't rely on the weather to be nice so we are trying to find a happy medium in our price range.  Our budget is $8000.00 (good luck to me right?)

I could increase the budget but I absolutely will not.  Weddings are totally blown out of proportion nowadays and there is no way I am going to put up with these over commercialized "wedding necessities".  Its just stupid.  Paul and I are absolutely vehement about spending more then we have too.  Its just a party and a dress (Which coincidentally I have already purchased along with a veil so our budget is now 7500)

Updates will be forthcoming!