Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Using Vintage as an affordable alternative in your business casual wardrobe

I got my Pendleton fall catalogue recently and as usual I drooled all over everything in it.

Fashion usually recycles itself, and Pendleton is no exception.  I adore their stuff, but there is no way I'm spending $178 on a blazer, no matter how lovely it may be.

An affordable alternative is buying a vintage skirt suit and using both pieces in creative ways for example

 This is a great jacket.  It has pockets, chunky buttons and most importantly it looks really comfortable.  Sadly, I can't afford $178 for a jacket.  Well, I could but I wouldn't be able to buy much else.   Incoming vintage suits.

This is a 1960's blazer that comes with a skirt of the same material. 
If I replace the buttons with something more contemporary I have a beautifully tailored garment.
The collar is a bit wider than the original, but if that bugs me I can have a professional tailor alter it for me.
Grand total cost of Suit, Shipping, and Buttons might be $90 and I still get a fabulous skirt that I can wear with boots and tights, maybe a turtleneck or a sweater.

Much like the Debbie Bias skirt it has a no band darted waist and would look fabulous on any figure.

Pendleton 178 + 142 = $320
Vintage $90 (with new buttons and shipping)
Another Jacket I absolutely loved in the catalogue was the Debbie double breasted jacket.

A price tag of $218

A beautiful blazer that is "vintage inspired"
well, that means that one could find a 'true vintage' jacket and  possibly save some cash.

This is a true vintage 1960s blazer, with shipping it is $53

Again, adding decorative buttons wouldn't be difficult.  This attaches with snaps and sewing on 8 buttons wouldn't be a huge ordeal. 

New: $218
Vintage: $53

Another two piece set $63

- A-line skirt
- Tailored jacket
- Quality construction
-Very Reasonable price

So vintage is the way to go, at least in my opinion.  The stuff is better quality and you are far less likely to show up at work wearing the same thing as someone else.